Sunday, 27 June 2010

Girls don't like small tanks MK3

I will be exhibiting new work at Platform gallery which is in the Degraves Street Subway next to Flinders Street Station. Other artists concurrently exhibiting include Abby Storey, photographer, and Victoria Lees, with her installation "fixity' (check out Victoria's blog on the links at the right). The exhibition opens 9th July at 6pm, and runs until the 31st. Check out for more info about the space.

Remember when a mother’s love was enough to keep you safe at night? In an attempt to re-arm the military for less collateral damage I have made the soft shelled tank. These saggy, ineffectual toy tanks gently mock the authority of the military world. I have created the hackytank, a crocheted chariot of war that fits into the palm of your hand and can be kicked around anytime you feel the urge, (it is filled with chickpeas, so could also be boiled and eaten on the battlefield). This is my contribution to the war machine.

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