Sunday, 25 March 2007

'Girls Don't Like Small Tanks' continued.

Like a tank armoured with a patchwork of riveted steel these flabby war machines are made by sewing together small pieces of randomly shaped fabric. The resulting objects are at times perverse, disfigured and ungainly. the addition of impractical wheels and flaccid guns heighten their absurdity.

'Churchill' wool and polyester stuffing, approx. 30cm tall. Photo J Truswell

'Centurion Olifant' wool, polyester stuffing, found wheels, approx. 90cm tall. Photo J Truswell

'hacky tank' wool, beans, buttons, approx. 15cm tall. Photo J Truswell

'Sturmtiger' wool, polyester stuffing, brass wheel, approx.40cm tall

View of install, Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

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